5 simple steps to becoming a business plan writer in Nigeria

5 simple steps to becoming a business plan writer in Nigeria

5 simple steps to becoming a business plan writer in Nigeria

5 simple steps to becoming a business plan writer in Nigeria

Nearly all business owners have realized that strategic planning can be advantageous, particularly business plan writing services. You are setting yourself up for failure if you don’t plan. Therefore, business owners must create business plans. It’s better to have something than nothing, even if it’s just a one-pager explaining how the company plans to accomplish its objectives.

Selling your ability to write business plans to companies is one of the most lucrative options available to independent consultants today. For instance, the freelancing website Upwork had more than 800 business plan writer tasks available as this essay was written. You can easily create a decent stream of revenue in addition to your other services, such as marketing plan development services, B2B or B2C article writing, business blogging, etc., because there is such a huge demand for and lack of quality business plan writers. You might even start your own company that offers services for developing business plans if this line of employment suits you. Here are 5 steps to help you get started quickly.

  1. Pick on a niche

Writing business plans is one of the services that business owners most frequently request, as was already noted. There are other niches and sectors, nevertheless, in which you can become an expert. Additionally, you can offer a variety of other services that are related to your business planning. Recognize that it is OK to have your strengths and shortcomings, your likes and dislikes, and the values you uphold. For instance, if a client requests business planning services related to marijuana but is uncomfortable with the idea, you can ask them if they mind if you move the project forward to the next contractor you trust and who is at ease with it. Remember that your primary motivation for entering this field was to earn money and bid your boss farewell. Why would you want to suffer while bringing it into being?

  1. Develop a business plan for your plan writing business

Few of us would agree to work with a fat fitness instructor or put our money in a bank that had filed for bankruptcy. Moreover, for clear reasons. A professional business plan for your business planning services should be developed if you’re going to shout from the rooftops about the importance of business planning and strategy development. Create and execute effective marketing planning initiatives. Your business strategy should be reviewed and updated as often as necessary. Use these straightforward strategies, and you’ll not only attract new clients but also prove the validity of your value proposition.

  1. Start building your portfolio

After choosing a speciality and the fundamentals mentioned above, you must establish a reputation. To demonstrate to potential customers, you must have outcomes. These don’t have to be jaw-droppingly amazing business plans, but they should be enough to convince customers that you have something to offer and can deliver on it. Customer reviews from the past are unquestionably a crucial approach to establishing trust and legitimacy.

If you’re new to this industry and don’t have any evidence of prospective outcomes, unwind. Here are a few methods to get there to assist you:

  • A business plan of your own: This doesn’t need to be more than 50 pages long. A straightforward paper that responds to fundamental inquiries about your company, like: Why are you in business? You, why? What do you have to offer? Who for? Why do they? Who else provides a comparable service? How will the people who will use your service find out about it? How will you generate income? etc.? Utilize your business, financial, or marketing knowledge and training. This is undoubtedly a simple approach to acquire results if you’ve been putting it off since you don’t have any to display.
  • Offer services at a discount or without cost: Find a friend, member of your family, a coworker, or an acquaintance who owns or plans to start a business, and offer to draft their business plan for little or no cost in exchange for a recommendation. Offer your business plan writing services to companies you regularly do business with if none is entrepreneurs (barber, restaurant, college, etc.). Why not? You already conduct business with them, and they know you.
  • Join the platforms for freelance work: Create a freelance contractor account on a website like Upwork, copy some company plans, and use them as examples in your portfolio.


  1. Start building your customer base

Okay, you’ve chosen a certain market for your business plan writing services and have some examples of your work in your portfolio. The following stage is finding clients to deposit money into your bank account. Small to medium business owners and independent entrepreneurs are most likely your target market. There are various techniques to capture their attention, so you have a chance to get their business.

  • Log on to the internet: Nowadays, business owners can be found online practically anywhere. Therefore, it only follows that the internet allows you to market your services through both inward and outgoing channels.
  • Social Media: Using social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to demonstrate your expertise in business plan writing services will help you get clients.
  • Traditional Media: You can get great results using traditional marketing strategies like print, TV, radio, flyers, direct mail, and even billboard signs. Do them.
  • Establish Yourself as the Go-To Person: Joining community business organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and contributing your knowledge on the finer elements of business plan development will undoubtedly establish you as a leader in the group. You will be the first to spring to mind for those businesses when they realize they need assistance developing a business plan.
  • Find Partners: Look for companies that provide services similar to yours, like SEO marketing or expert article writing/blogging, and offer to be their go-to source for business plan outsourcing. As an alternative, employ a sales team to generate leads while you focus on drafting business ideas, which is what you do best.
5 simple steps to becoming a business plan writer in Nigeria

5 simple steps to becoming a business plan writer in Nigeria

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  1. Go over the board to provide value for your clients

People expect a return on their investment or benefits that greatly surpass the costs involved, just like they do with everything else. The bottom line is what matters most to a business owner. They want to see a positive return on their investment in you. This is how:

  • Objectives: Ensure that your company strategy includes clear, quantifiable, achievable, and time-bound objectives.
  • Describe the business plan: At the end of the day, your client’s business and the business plan’s implementation are their responsibilities. Even though they might not ask, after the plan is finished, go through it with them, explain the figures and underlying assumptions, and make sure they understand it. Request suggestions, incorporate them into the finished product, and restate the benefits you are providing.
  • Follow up with the client: You can only discover if your services were valuable to the client if you inquire. Follow up after a while to see if they received the funding, for instance, if you produced a business plan for them to utilize in obtaining finance. One benefit of this is that should they do this; they could recommend you to a friend or use your services again. In contrast, if the lender asked for a change to the plan, you may offer to amend it for free or at a reduced cost.


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