Indecisiveness is a weakness that can sneak up on the best and most respected leaders. Leadership coaching can help you make good decisions quickly. The key is to align your decisions with your inner values instinctively. So long as you know your values and understand them, you should find quick decision-making simple.

Indecisiveness is a hallmark of poor leadership. It hurts an organization on every level. It disengages employees, ruins morale, and causes frustration among leaders. In theory, we’re all quick to judge indecisiveness as the product of a weak mind, but there’s more behind leadership dithering, and it’s easy to fall victim to this leadership vice.


Indecision is a prominent leadership weakness. 

Why Indecisiveness Is Tricky

Sometimes, leaders face nuanced decisions with many variables to consider. Indecision doesn’t surface in black-and-white choices. It’s usually the result of careful and tedious deliberation

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Tell me… What is the role of self-management in leadership?

Self-management in leadership is the ability to:

  1. Objectively assess your emotions, thoughts and behaviors;
  2. Understand their impact on you, and on the people around you;
  3. Regulate and adjust your emotions, thoughts and behaviors in order to move towards your goals, and the goals of the organization.

Emotions, thoughts and behaviors are at the core of self-management. That includes everything that stems from those elements. Things like your decisions, interactions, personal development, goal achievement, and even your own well-being. Everything about how you show up for others and how you care for yourself are part of self-management – in life, and in leadership.

As a practice, self-management cannot exist without a foundation of self-awareness. Working together, self-management and awareness are a solid recipe for leadership success.

In this article, we’ll explore:

What is Self-Management and Self-Awareness?

Since self-awareness is the foundation

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5 top investment options for busy career people

5 top investment options for busy career people

5 top investment options for busy career people

Investments are essential if you want to increase your wealth and keep up with the inflation rate. Cash loses purchasing power over time as a result of inflation. Therefore, if you haven’t invested in a worthwhile instrument, your monthly salary savings may be losing value daily.

Even if your income is fixed, if you work a full-time job, you won’t have enough free time to invest in the stock market. When selecting an investment tool, it is usually preferable if you can invest both time and money. However, a few investment products won’t require much of your time to investigate and analyse those who are pressed for time.

In Nigeria, there are numerous financial marketplaces and investment options. Every instrument has a unique set of risks and rewards and suits different types of investors.

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Most firms, including small and mid-sized businesses and huge corporations, are becoming increasingly interested in corporate training. It has become an unavoidable need for them, and to achieve this goal corporations are inclining towards corporate LMSs. Corporate LMS is said to greatly increase productivity, morale, and net income per employee. As a result, Learning Management Systems are gaining strength.

Large businesses prefer LMS for educating their affiliate personnel. Here, the LMS may aid in keeping the franchises, resellers, and other sales channels updated with new information regarding product release, compliance needs, and more.

However, small and mid-sized businesses can use LMS to teach staff members and enhance their skill sets. Companies can cut money on employee training and provide their staff the freedom to develop and change with the market by automating some of these responsibilities.

Now that you have an idea, here are a few reasons why you should

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Poor leaders micromanage employees, fail to motivate them, and don’t provide relevant, clear feedback. Leaders focusing on the political aspects of their careers over employees tend to be poor at their jobs. Leadership coaching can help leaders realize where their true priorities should be.

We’ve all met our fair share of weak leaders in life. Does that boss who cares more about being right than achieving a positive outcome sound familiar? What about the guy who’s afraid to take a chance and always plays it safe? These are two less extreme examples of bad leadership. In worse cases, leaders demonstrate poor work ethics and lagging motivation. Some abuse their positions and turn authoritarian. Others don’t hesitate to show contempt for employees or the work they do.

Poor business leadership translates to financial ruin and ailing organizations.

rudderless ship

A poorly led organization is like

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Tell me… What role does guilt play in your life?

I need to make a confession. I only recently realized that guilt was one of my biggest Saboteurs. I knew I had trouble with guilt sometimes, but I didn’t realize that guilt was driving so much of my decision making until a recent session with an energy healer, Marie Danielle Boyer. I couldn’t believe it. After years of coaching, even more years of personal growth, I found myself asking, “How do I stop constant feelings of guilt?”

For me, guilt was cropping up most when it came to making decisions around people close to me. I grew up as the oldest child in my family. I was expected to set an example for my younger siblings and to think about other people before considering my own needs. It was ingrained in me that my choices impacted others and that I

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In May of 2021, I sat at picnic table next to the Gironde Estuary in Bordeaux for a casual spring lunch and tasted a 2020 Bordeaux wine with a deep blue label named Song by Bong. What a surprise. I later mentioned the wine both for Forbes and on my VinoVoices blog:

Château des Songes. Song – By Bông & Hubert De Boüard. 2020. 94 to 95 points.

Jumping, fresh aromas of lavender, cassis, red and black cherries and a lick of menthol. Fresh and approachable flavors of juicy fruits backed by bright acidity, slight nuttiness on the attack, and firm but unobtrusive tannins. Pair with roasted chicken or magret de canard duck breast with foie gras, or a honey and mozzarella appetizer. A late spring afternoon kick starting wine. Rich and rewarding.

Surprisingly, this was the first ever written review of this wine, and

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Start Up BusinessIn case you are considering beginning your individual enterprise your head could also be swimming with the entire business start-up and rent costs. An investor uses his money to make more cash. He needs to make as a lot as he can, regardless whether it’s short time period or long term deal. In order to appeal to him, curiosity him, and persuade him to “put up” the money you need, you will not only have to offer him a chance for large earnings, but you will need to spell it out in detail, and further, again up your claims with proof from your advertising research.

First of all, study in regards to the customers that you simply wish to present meals to. Are they searching for low prices or are they looking for a certain sort of food ? i.e. natural or local produce? Determining the kinds of consumers you’ll …

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Flammable Household Products - Linseed Oil Causes Dangerous House Fires

Benniseed Oil Extraction Business Plan in Nigeria

This sample Benniseed oil extraction business plan in Nigeria can be used for Grant Applications, Bank Loans, Proposal writing, Business Concept Notes, Competitions, etc. Benniseed Oil extraction business is a lucrative business that needs a lot of strategic Planning to start and a business coach like Dayo Adetiloye to help you start the Implementation.




Industry: Essential Oil Industry (Benniseed Oil Extraction Business plan in Nigeria)

PATILAD is a Benniseed Oil Extraction company based in Ogun State, Nigeria. We are registered as a limited liability company owned by Dayo Adetiloye, Pelumi Agunbiade, and other investors under the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and legally licensed by the National Agency for Food Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) here in Ogun State. We have also

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Let me ask you… what does it really mean to be an inclusive leader?

Too often, we see organizations claiming to promote diversity, only to learn that it’s far from the truth. It usually takes very little digging to find an all-too-common glass ceiling, problematic workplace cultures, microaggressions, unfair hiring and promotion practices, and so on.

Oftentimes, the organization’s leadership is either unaware of these circumstances, or unaware of just how deep and impactful they truly are. What all organizations need – from small businesses, to Fortune 500s – is a commitment to conscious inclusive leadership.

Inclusive leadership is an approach that actively works toward inclusivity through raw awareness, commitment to truth, and a dedication to doing what’s right. Two key understandings of inclusive leadership are that:

  1. A sense of belonging is critical to individual and organizational success, and that;
  2. Traditional ways of doing things are inherently divisive and exclusionary.
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