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Now is the time to join one of the many cryptocurrency presale projects that give investors who are serious about the project free cryptocurrency.


These coins are not the same as traditional crypto assets, which can only be traded. They are made with how people will use them in mind. Each of them brings something new to the crypto world, and they’re all trying to change the ecosystem, which needs better ways to use crypto. Let’s talk about these digital assets to start. Check out some of the most successful trading bots currently available like this trading platform, which is used by millions of different investors all around the world.


Then we’ll talk about how to get them without paying.


  1. Dash 2 Trade


Dash 2 Trade is a place to look at cryptocurrencies and figure out how to trade them. Its goal is to help regular traders understand how the market works so they can make wise investments. Dash 2 Trade is also known as D2T. The digital currency that makes the platform work is called “Dash 2 Trade.” It’s also the platform’s name, and you can pay for memberships.


A presale The Crypto Scoring system looks at several factors to decide whether a presale project will succeed. Then, an algorithm gives the project a dash score. People think putting money into projects with high dash scores is a good idea.


People are still interested in the Dash 2 Trade presale, and in less than ten days, the company has raised more than $2.5 million. The second round of token sales for this project has already sold more than half of the tokens that can be bought. You can join the $150,000 Giveaway if you participate in this presale and do the other things said.


Participants in the Giveaway bought at least $150 worth of D2T tokens during the pre-sale. You can find out what to do next by clicking on the link.


  1. IMPT


Bitcoin could affect how much energy the world has; it’s more important than ever to make crypto assets that are good for the environment. But the rise of cryptocurrencies is much more critical because it lets regular traders enter the market for carbon credits. IMPT, also called Impact, is a unique cryptocurrency that makes it easier to trade carbon credits and gives environmentally friendly products a chance to join the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


At IMPT, both people and businesses can buy and sell carbon credits. People can purchase onboarded products and earn IMPT tokens on a shopping platform as part of the IMPT product ecosystem. You can buy more IMPT goods with these tokens. They can exchange these tokens for carbon credits on the platform, which they can then sell on the IMPT market.  During the second part of the pre-sale, about $11 million was raised.


  1. Calvaria


This year, P2E currencies like Tamadoge and Battle Infinity have done the best. And as 2022 comes to a close, a new cryptocurrency for gaming has been released to compete with the others.


Calvaria’s money is called $RI and can be used for many different things. With a governance token, people can vote on important questions about the project’s future.

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Staking is a type of cryptocurrency where people can put their coins into a pool and get regular payments without doing anything. People can only vote with RIA if they have put at least a certain amount into the staking pool.


A unit of money can be spent on the Calvaria market to buy NFTs.In the Calvaria ecosystem, you can play games and make investments to earn tokens.


P2P (peer-to-peer) games are needed in the cryptocurrency market to give cryptocurrency assets some use. Calvaria is one of the most simple crypto assets to meet this need. It’s similar to Axie Infinity, but it does things in a new and better way to get more people to use it.


Calvaria just finished the first step of its presale, and the company is working quickly to complete the second step. There are three ways to determine how much all the prizes are worth.


  • The prize for the winner of the race is $70,000.
  • The second-place finisher will get $20,000.
  • The person who comes in third will get $10,000.


You might have a better chance of winning if you do what’s in the link. The best way to start is to sign up for the Calvaria presale.


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