Quiet Quitting and the Self-Care Revolution

For Employees, What are the Potential Benefits of Quiet Quitting?

If quiet quitting is driven by disengagement, if it clearly isn’t a pleasant experience, then why are people doing it?

If you are in a situation where you find yourself disengaged from your work, or your work environment is negatively impacting your well-being (for example, if the culture isn’t inclusive or it is unsafe to speak your truth at work), quiet quitting can have benefits. 

I strongly urge you to explore other options first, however. Have a conversation with your boss or with HR. This isn’t just for the benefit of the organization, but for your benefit as well. You deserve to feel good about the work that you do, to feel proud of your contributions, to feel seen and respected. It’s normal and even healthy for work to challenge us at times, but it shouldn’t drain you.

Also consider how you’ve been showing up at work. This is not about taking on the blame for a problematic environment, but about taking unconditional responsibility for how you choose to show up for yourself and others. Is there something you can shift?

Be aware that the decision to quiet quit may have drawbacks for you as well. While you likely can’t be fired if you’re still committed to the basic requirements of your role, there is the concept of quiet firing to consider. Ultimately, you want to ensure you’ve done your due diligence – for yourself and your team – before deciding to quiet quit.

If you’ve explored other options and still find you’re unhappy in your work environment, quiet quitting may be helpful to you.

The benefits of a quiet, unannounced resignation may include:

  • More mental and spiritual energy to actively consider what you truly want 
  • Time and energy to pursue another job, or to pursue career development options
  • Reduced anxiety around professional relationships or expectations

It’s really important to note that any benefits you experience will likely be short-lived if you’re in an environment that is truly draining. The main benefits will be extra time and energy. Use that to work on getting yourself out of that environment. During this time, you may even consider other things you can quiet quit in your life 🙂

There is one other possible benefit, which is the possibility that your shift will signal to leadership that a change needs to happen. This can happen in a pro-active environment where the organization wants to do well in terms of employee well-being.

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