Iranian climber Elnaz Rekabi—who competed at an event in Korea without wearing the headscarf mandated for all Iranian female athletes—was cheered on by a large crowd of supporters upon her arrival at the Tehran airport on Wednesday, amid nationwide protests across Iran over the death of a 22-year-old woman at the hands of the country’s morality police.

Key Facts

Rekabi, who arrived at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Airport from Seoul, was greeted with applause and chants of “Elnaz is a heroine.”

The climber, who was wearing a black cap and a hoodie, was then hugged by her family and handed a bunch of flowers.

In an interview with Iranian State TV, Rekabi reiterated that her dressing choice was “unintentional” and her headscarf fell off “inadvertently” as

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The Role Of Technology In Improving Africa’s Healthcare System

Africa has the world’s least developed health system. — It is underfunded, understaffed, and overstretched.

The first thing to note is that Africa is a diverse continent with diverse governance structures, especially in the Francophone and Anglophone countries, whose governance reflects their colonial masters’.

Nevertheless, almost all African countries share similar thematic issues, particularly those of Sub-Saharan Africa.

In a paper submitted to the observer research foundation (ORF), the authors (Mwai, Daniel, and Theresa Ndavi) narrowed down these challenges to five main issues:

  • Leadership and governance challenges

Across legislation, community participation, resource allocation, and application of national health research protocols, there is a lack of adequate leadership.

  • A shortage of healthcare workers

Specifically trained health workers and health workers, in general, are in short supply. 2030 is projected to mark the peak of this shortage at 6.1 million.

Throughout many areas

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As a small business owner, it may seem unnecessary to maintain a data storage system. Today, every business generates massive amounts of data regardless of the organization’s size. Data management is necessary for small businesses to ensure effective planning and communication, minimize errors and support regulatory compliance. 

While storage management may initially appear challenging, creating a system can make it easier. You can utilize your large data sets more effectively through careful planning and the proper tools to improve operations, enhance customer experience, and build your brand. Here are some helpful tips to protect and make the most of your information.

1. Remove Redundant Data

The best thing about Cloud storage is that it’s a safe place to manage the storage of your data to prevent physical damage, theft, and cyberattacks. So, you can get to your files remotely, reducing the need for costly servers and software. Removing redundant

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Like trust, respect is a precious social currency in the context of intelligent leadership. Intelligent leaders know that their positions do not grant them any implicit respect. If they want the respect of their peers and reports, they must earn it. Authentic, caring, and empowering leadership automatically earns respect, appreciation, and admiration.

You can’t ask for, demand, or beg for respect. In today’s workplace and in the context of the horizontal hierarchies that modern leadership has introduced, leaders and employees must earn and offer respect.

On one hand, respect is an indispensable component of civilized human existence. However, it’s also a powerful leadership tool. As Mormon leader Thomas S. Monson once remarked, when we treat people as they are, they will likely remain as they are. When we treat them as if they were what their potential allows them to be, they

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What is Unconditional Responsibility?

Let me ask you… If I suggest taking unconditional responsibility in all aspects of your life, what thoughts and feelings come up for you?

Many of us get defensive at this idea. Sure, we’re responsible for plenty of things. But… unconditionally responsible? No way! What about other people? World events? Traffic? The weather? Viruses?

That’s a completely understandable and human reaction. And, I’m not suggesting you take responsibility for any of that. I am suggesting you accept unconditional responsibility for your response and intention, in every situation.

In this article, we’ll explore what unconditional responsibility in leadership and life actually looks like, including:

What is Unconditional Responsibility?

Unconditional responsibility means choosing to be a player rather than a victim (or rescuer or persecutor). It means getting yourself firmly in the CEO seat of your own life.

For many of us, the line between

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Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub is a grassroot business development service provider with a 6 year of track record of excellent service delivery for local and international clients.

As a leading business development service provider in Nigeria, Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub has been recognized and certified by Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) in Conjunction with Enterprise Development Centre (EDC), Pan-Atlantic University (PAU) of the Lagos Business School (LBS).

Our solutions are designed for MSMEs and are supported by deep insight into various industries and extensive experience acquired from over the years by supporting our clients as partners in their business transformation.

Through our services and business activities, we help individuals/entrepreneurs transform their business ideas into a business venture, and support existing business to scale or expand their operation. We also connect startups and MSMEs with opportunities and resources for their business growth.

We have Consulted for more

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How Do You Communicate with C-Level Executives?

Let me ask you… how would you approach a meeting with a high-level executive?

As a leadership coach, I’m sometimes asked if I communicate the same way with different people across all levels of an organization, especially in terms of top management communication. Essentially, should we speak with executives and senior leaders the same way we speak with colleagues?

It’s a great question, and the answer is both yes, and no.

Yes, because humanity is the heart of all communication, and we connect best with each other on that level. No, because top executives often work at a different pace and level of responsibility. For interactions to go well, it’s key to be aware of those differences, and to create ways to work with them.

If you’ve ever met directly with a C-level executive (“C” as in CEO, CFO, CTO, CXO, etc.), you

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To get the most from their leadership development programs, organizations should establish clear objectives and action plans. Employees only buy into complex development programs when they see their leaders model behaviors they expect from employees. Leadership development is not an event; it’s a complex and lengthy, yet worthwhile process.

In a knowledge-driven economy, leadership development (particularly in-house leadership development) is a top priority for organizations, yet few of them get it right.

Some imagine that inviting a high-profile speaker to share leadership wisdom with employees once is leadership development, but it’s not.

Leadership development is a culture.

Leadership coaching is a thorough and lengthy process, but it’s also a small part of leadership development. Successful leadership coaching is the spark that can set the foundations of a leadership development-focused company culture.

Turning Leadership Development into a Process

Far from being an event, leadership

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